Tapping and Physical Issues

Bee Stings Burns and Bruises

Bees are sweet where they belong! But not quite so sweet when they sting…Luckily, there’s a instant remedy.

Think of tapping as an invisible first-aid kit that you always carry with you.

Not long ago, I was awoken in the middle of the night by a mysterious noise from outside my houseboat. Padding groggily onto the pontoon in my pyjamas to investigate, I banged my calf hard into a mooring post. Weeks later, I still have a large bruise to show for it. I could so easily have prevented if I’d remembered (and not been too bleary) to just Stop and Tap!

I’ve conducted this experiment many times, and I find it remarkable:

1) accidentally bang arm/leg, hop about for a second going “ow” — “inevitable” bruise ensues…OR:
2) accidentally bang arm/leg, drop everything, Stop and Tap — no bruise!

It also works for minor scalds or burns in the kitchen: in my experience, immediate tapping is far better at reducing the discomfort than water, butter, or shouting rude words.

I’ve used tapping-as-first-aid countless times within my family: Child stung by a bee, tapped on child, the swelling went down in front of our eyes. Daughter banged head very hard on window ledge on holiday, appeared to faint; while my husband disappeared to find a signal to google “possible concussion symptoms,” I tapped on her. By the time he got back (armed with diagnostic questions like “what’s today’s date?” — to which she said “I have no idea! We’re on holiday!” — she was sitting up and fine. And no bump afterwards on her head.

I once twisted my ankle badly, getting into my car. I stopped and tapped, mainly as I was unnerved and still had to drive. Back home, I was surprised it no longer hurt, and assumed I must have exaggerated the pain earlier. A few days later, when the weather changed, I pulled on a pair of tights, and as I touched my ankle, I discovered it was in fact extremely tender. In other words, it had been injured, but was now healing invisibly in the background.

So here’s my tip of the day: should you have a small accident or clumsy moment, the second it happens, there and then, stop and tap. No words are necessary (“ow!” or “%#”!” will do fine!), just tap around the points, as shown in the picture below, and keep tapping till the pain or discomfort abates—typically in less than five minutes.

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Tapping Points with abbreviations