Workshops in London

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From a 1-day workshop attendee:

“Jennifer put me at ease from the offset and created a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere for the workshop. It was a very inspiring day, which has given me the tools and motivation to use tapping to improve my life. It feels as though tapping could help to tackle pretty much any obstacle that comes my way. Jennifer manages to make group members feel able to open up about anything and shows compassion, insight (and occasional humour) in tackling whatever issues may arise.”
J Strange

Gallery of Past Workshop Locations (London and Zurich)




I’ve run regular tapping workshops for the last decade, mostly in Zurich, and  London. Some have been on specific topics (weight loss, addictions, eyesight), others more general. Here are a few sample descriptions.

Tap Your Way to Health and Happiness!: A one-day introductory workshop (EFT Level One). A  fun and thorough introduction to EFT with hands-on practice at releasing unpleasant memories, physical pain and cravings.

Tapping for Peak Performance: How to release anxiety, increase focus, and tap into creativity, and specifically how to apply this in the particular arena in which you wish to shine. We use some helpful NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) tools as well as tapping.

Tapping Away Limiting Beliefs and Embracing New Choices: We use tapping to uncover, then to tap away, unhelpful (sabotaging) limiting beliefs. We explore how to use the wonderful and highly effective “Choices” variation of tapping to install new ways of feeling or behaving in challenging situations.

Tapping for Personal Peace: Releasing Negative Emotions: After establishing exactly what the “Personal Peace Procedure” is, we focus on how to undertake it. We break down individual “baggage” into a concrete list of specific events that need releasing, and start the clearing process. At the end of the day, participants are well equipped to continue the clearing process on their own at home.

Tapping for creativity for actors and directors and Tapping for Peak Performance: these have been conducted both at the National Youth Theatre premises, and in small groups on my houseboat. The larger group at the NYT focused on dispelling audition nerves, and was particularly well received.