Frustrated at the zoo

Posted by Jennifer Davidson on  28th March 2015
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Three Magic Letters: EFT! Slightly to my surprise, following a sudden impulse, I found myself at the zoo in Basel recently. Wandering along excitedly thinking “Lions and tigers and bears!” and wondering if there were elephants anywhere, I noticed a heavily tattooed and pierced mother with her little boy, age three or so. I was debating whether to accost her and enquire about elephants (she had a map) when the boy asked her a question. Instantly

Bee Stings Burns and Bruises

Posted by Jennifer Davidson on  27th March 2015
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Bees are sweet where they belong! But not quite so sweet when they sting…Luckily, there’s a instant remedy. Think of tapping as an invisible first-aid kit that you always carry with you. Not long ago, I was awoken in the middle of the night by a mysterious noise from outside my houseboat. Padding groggily onto the pontoon in my pyjamas to investigate, I banged my calf hard into a mooring post. Weeks later, I still have