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Tapping and Spring Cleaning

The sun is shining in London as I type this, a breeze gently rocking my houseboat. There’s a spring in people’s step as they go about the marina. Showers and hailstorms notwithstanding, Spring has finally Sprung, bringing with it the exciting—or dread!—prospect of Spring Cleaning.

I personally enjoy de-cluttering. Some of my friends and clients, however, find it a challenge, some even an insuperable ordeal. Certain issues tend to recur, for which a mix of practical strategies and EFT tapping can hugely help.

Issue: Feeling overwhelmed. There’s too much stuff to deal with: a backlog of clothes / books / papers / tools / electronics / kitchen gadgets / bathroom bits / suitcases / mystery cables / old National Geographic magazines / photographs / toys / other people’s stuff / heaven knows what!

Tapping: Tap around the points giving a voice to feeling overwhelmed — “This is impossible / It’s such a huge task / I’ll never get it done / How did I ever allow this to happen? / Aaaargh!” — till calm prevails and you feel more resourceful. Then, if necessary, tap “where shall I start? What’s the easiest way into this?” and wait for an answer to emerge.

Strategy: Chunk the task down. “I will deal with just socks,” you might say to yourself. Or shoes. Or books. Breaking the task down into smaller categories makes it instantly more manageable. Once you’ve dealt with one category, proceed to the next.

Issue: A need or desire to hoard or hang onto things “just in case.”

Tapping: Tap on your feelings and beliefs (potentially including those of parents, partners, siblings, grandparents…): “I can’t let it go / It would be wasteful / It cost a lot of money / It might come in handy / Even if I never use it, I still want it…

Strategy: Watch one of those wonderfully alarming TV reality shows on hoarders and recognize that, if you’re not careful, this could be you! (Personal note: whydid my parents leave behind a cupboard full of broken kettles? Why did my dear mother-in-law, long after she’d stopped traveling, have twelve empty suitcases covered with dust in the attic?!)

Issue: Feeling you shouldn’t donate things that were a gift and/or have a sentimental association.

Tapping: Tap on blocks, fears, and sentimental connections. “It was such a thoughtful present / It would be mean to give it away / I’ll miss it.” Tap to reframe or separate the emotional attachment from the physical item. “I can still love (x) even if I give (y) away” Try taking a photograph, then tap a choice to let the picture now be enough.*

Strategy: read Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying and embrace her thoroughly refreshing philosophy. A gift has served its purpose, for example, when given, received, and appreciated. After that it can be guiltlessly released!

*If you still feel unsure, put the item in a “limbo” box, keep it for a few months, then re-evaluate.

Last but not least: play music. Let it be fun. (And if you need more help, call me, aka Tapping Queen of Decluttering!)